clementinestar (clementinestar) wrote,

Coldplay under coldrain

March 29, 2008

Since I'm having a hard time uploading the pictures because internet sucks big time(!) I'm going to tell you all about the VIVA COLDPLAY concert in Abu Dhabi.
Yes, Vikvik was able to get me in with the press passes Tita Victoria --Vikvik's bestfriend's mom-- has. Btw, tita Victoria is supahcool! She's a photo journalist but her main job is to do magazine layouts and design. I'm so lucky to have met her. The world is sooo small, she knows 'tito Krip' well, at least the circle of Filipino artists is very small. Her uncle is sir Krip's friend and that uncle is a genius in playing the piano. But the catch is-- he has to be high to be a genius. Hahahaha. And tita Victoria's really smart and they're a funny bunch them vics hahaha. She'd go, "Hi, I'm Victoria and this is Victor(her son) and Victor(my brother)"

Anyway, it's a long drive from Sharjah to Gardens to Abu Dhabi. And it's effin traffic, and it started to rain. But when we arrived, the rain stopped. We got there and we stayed at the front part (since there were no seats) of the concert area. I can't believe it's cold this time of the
year. Goddamnit! I didn't bring warm clothes! I had to borrow some from my mom. And my brother and I forgot to bring jackets. Good job! So there I was trying not to feel cold and trying not to fall asleep cause I was sooo effin sleepy and tired. Cause it's taking them sooo long to start up the show and play.But it's soooo worth the wait. They were fucking great! XD Chris Martin's voice is the same on album as it is live. Oh the lights design is fantabulous! I loved their Yellow performance cause everything was yellow, and they had big yellow balloons
flying all over. And that's when it started to rain.

Here are the downsides of the concert:
1) I felt really small and my feet ache from tiptoeing cause people around me were fuckin tall! Specially the two guys who moved in front of me were fucking posts.
2) It started raining. The rain droplets were big and cold. Biting cold.
3) It didn't help that the breeze is cold.
4) I didn't finish watching the concert because I would die from hypothermia if I stayed there. But I caught the cold from 2-hour car drive back to the Gardens.

There you go. I wish I could say more but I have to do chores now. And when the internet is better I will upload pictures. 
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